Hand – Tufted Rugs

One of the most innovative programs we have at Burcu carpet is our ability to offer customers the option to create a custom hand-woven carpet. Hand-woven carpet production is among the most luxurious, creative and artistic in the world.

Yarn content contributes to a variety of factors, including fine detailing and finishing techniques.

The material yarn content we use is primarily high quality 100% wool, most of which are produced with 100% New Zealand yarn. Other yarns such as nylon, cotton and linen can also be included. When used in conjunction with wool, silk or bamboo accents add a lush, rich glow and add a striking detail to your carpet. Merinos and wool yarns are also available for your comfort. These yarns are used for more complex design detail, including a point loop and low tight cut pile structures, making it thinner and extremely smooth, soft and durable for a surface.

When we produce a hand-woven carpet for you, you can choose from a wide range of surface options and coatings to suit your individual style and design aesthetics. Some surface options include cutting-pile, loop pile, or a combination of both.
Some of our techniques are random cutting, carving, recessing, and embossing, which can be applied to surfaces, giving your tassel a touch of your own personal elegance.

A combination of surface levels can be used to create a high degree of sculpture, give three-dimensional effects, which adds an extra wow factor to your carpet.
There is no restriction on the shapes and sizes you can choose for your tufted state; if you can imagine it, we can create it! The only limitation is the practicality of sending and delivering the finished product to the project site.

After the design process is completed, your Burcu carpet contract expert will send a custom design to one of our skilled and experienced designers who will transform the design into a scale production ready format using the latest computer aided design software.
Once the design is approved, an example of the design, scale, color, and finish requirements of your request is generated.


Hand – Tufted Rugs Application Portfolio



After the sample is approved and the order finalized, the next step of the production process is to see the design come to life, which starts by being transferred onto tracing paper. The tracing paper is then projected onto a stencil to the size of the rug that is to be manufactured, and cut.

While the design stenciling is in process, the yarn is being skein dyed to match your approved colors. When the yarn is ready, the canvas stencil is stretched and secured onto a vertical frame where the technicians, using hand-held tufting guns to insert the yarn, color numbered placements onto the stencil. Your custom rug is now ready to be shipped and delivered to you.



  • No limitations to shape or size availability
  • Unlimited color choices
  • Unlimited custom design possibilities
  • Intricate design detail
  • Variety of surface options and levels
  • Variety of finishings
  • No seams in final product
  • Durability
  • Longevity
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