MosQue Carpets

The mosque carpet should have a color and pattern that will support the architectural structure in the mosque and make it look richer.

For this reason, carpet selection should not be chosen randomly, carpet harmony with the architectural structure should not be ignored. Another important factor in the mosque carpets is that carpets should not be of a sliding type. Otherwise, people may be distracted during worship, and even more negative people/people may face situations such as falling and people/people may experience accidents such as breaking and getting hurt.

Since the mosque carpet is under heavy pedestrian traffic, the carpet must have long life, durable against wear, and not deformed immediately. If the carpet does not have these properties, the carpet will become unusable in a short period of time, but it will cause people to deal with the waste of material and the re-coating of carpets.

One of the features that should be carpet carpet thermal insulation is doing. This feature in the carpet heating energy (natural gas, air conditioner, etc.)) makes it available at a minimum level and contributes to overall energy saving.


MosQue Carpets Application Portfolio

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