Hotel Carpets

One of the services we offer is the option for customized machine-tufted carpets to serve your every need.

Whether you are in the market for traditional or modern, colorful or subdued, trend-inspired or classic-chic, we have what you are looking for.These machine-tufted carpets are strong and durable; perfect for guestrooms, which see a high volume of activity.Machine-tufted carpets are made when the tufts, clusters of yarn fibers, are drawn through some sort of medium and inserted into a primary backing. A secondary backing is then adhered to the primary backing with a coat of latex, effectively laminating for a 2-dimensional construction. We pride ourselves on having a beautiful, top-of-the-line product and each project is met with superior precision and attention to detail that you come to expect from the Couristan brand.Discover the beauty your hospitality space could have with our upscale, pristine carpets.


Hotel Carpets Application Portfolio

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