Tile Carpets

In addition to its high acoustic performance/sound insulation and static energy resistance, it complies with fire standards and has IS0 9002,14001 certificates.Carpets Tile, which can be applied easily on reinforced concrete flooring as well as on elevated flooring, are preferred due to the advantages of ease of flooring such as removing and replacing the desired parts, using different colors on the floor. Therefore, tile carpets are more economical, the amount of carpet used is almost the same as the size of the space.Usually 50×50 cm. the carpets of their size are self-reliant. In addition, the best performing carpet tiles with polamid (PA) yarn does not fade color, the color differences between the regions that are used intensively and the regions that are used less densely. Tile carpets that hide dirt-stains and resist them are resistant to industrial cleaning materials and do not smell, humidity and humidity.It is also advantageous in transportation, delivery of goods, Assembly and re-transportation. It can be easily transported to the top floors of very high buildings. If the carpet needs to be moved somewhere else, the carpets that are simply removed from the floor are re-placed in the boxes and transported to the new space easily. Under the influence of Tackifier, thanks to the post-it adhesive, Tile Carpet can be removed several times from the floor; the floor can be reached or the carpet can be changed and a brand new image can be created in the space.In every aspect, the advantageous tile carpets can be used in cinema and theatre halls, conference, concert and Congress halls, trade centers, management offices of factories, airports, fair industry, office spaces, hotels and management offices, bank management buildings and branches, government offices.

Carpets Tile, which have been among the commercial floor coating materials for the last few years, are an excellent solution that gives importance to hygiene in places where aesthetics is important and comfort is sought.

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