About us

Our rich history began in 1986 when the company was founded, and we are happy to say that, to this day, BURCU HALI is still owned and operated by our family. We place much pride in continuing to be a family-run business and understand that it is our responsibility to provide you with the very best products that the floor covering industry has to offer in today’s marketplace.

Thanks to our experienced global team of designers, project managers, sales managers and project managers, we work closely with interior designers and architects to fully understand what the customer requires and consistently deliver a complete and cost effective product solution that provides valuable differentiation through original design and outstanding product quality.

Why Carpet ?

Carpet is the most comfortable flooring surface on the market and has long been the first choice of specifiers for prestige and complex contract installations.

Carpet has beauty and aesthetic values resulting from an almost limitless freedom of design and color variation. In addition, carpet possesses many advantages over competing flooring surfaces, including lower cost to purchase and install and less expense in cleaning and maintenance.

From palaces to hotels, restaurants to public buildings, convention centres, airports and cruise ships, BURCU Carpets have a long history of contributing to the worlds’s most stunning & beautiful interiors.

We remain true to our core values, offering our customers an outstanding experience through exceptional products and a fantastic service.

People who understand the importance of value through lasting quality choose our carpets…

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